Corporate Literacy book cover

Corporate Literacy

Discovering the Senses of the Organisation

This book introduces a new facet for information and knowledge management: Corporate Literacy refers to the comprehensive literacy that companies and communities need in the networked, fast changing and complex environment. The views relating to organisations and information are changing along with the changes in the operating and information environment. The concept of literacy is also expanding. It cannot anymore be observed only from an individual point of view but the attention has to be transferred to communal skills. Based of these shared skills the organisation is able to build its own information architecture and to offer its information resources for use. This book will tell the reader how Corporate Literacy is created and what kind of a strategy can be used to develop it. The book includes information architecture of a literate organisation and new roles of information professionals.

Paperback, 184 Pages

Published: January 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-261-8


  • Corporate Literacy: Why is it needed? Corporate Literacy in practice; Information skills and roles; Managing and leading Corporate Literacy; Corporate Literacy in different contexts; Not seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes.


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