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Corporate Crime Investigations

Corporate Crime Investigations is a reference tool for internal auditors, in-house counsel and corporate security professionals who handle crimes, torts, and breaches of contract.The crimes involved may include employee fraud, theft, embezzlement,forgery, commercial bribery and property destruction. Breaches of ethical codes, fiduciary duties, and company policies incidental to these acts are also included. Corporate Crime Investigations also includes important information on privacy rights of the suspected individuals.

Security professionals, certified fraud examiners, internal auditors.

Hardbound, 250 Pages

Published: October 1996

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9659-3


  • . . .a very interesting chapter on lying, cheating and stealing, while making the point that - in computer crime - it's still the same. -Security


  • *Introduction - Preventing, detecting and investigating corporate crime *A primer on corporate fraud detection *Lying, cheating and stealing - is is still the same? *A taxonomy of fraud *Checklists of fraud indicators *Fraud in, fraud out *The legal language of fraud *On the job thievery - common schemes of the working man *How to detect embezzlement *Corporate and financial fraud *The evolution of a corporate crime *Celebrated cases of corporate accounting improprieties *Investigating crimes for and against the corporation *Reporting fraud *Internal corporate compliance investigations *Financial crimes law *Sentencing guidelines - individuals *Sentencing guidelines - organisations *Internal controls and safeguards to prevent and detect fraud *Information access and control strategies *Internal corporate investigations - an outline and checklist of legal issues *Bibliography


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