Copper, Silver, Gold & Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury Oxides & Hydroxides book cover

Copper, Silver, Gold & Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury Oxides & Hydroxides

Interest in the title compounds has fallen into three phases: initial study of their solution chemistry, study of their role in the electrode reactions of alkaline batteries during and since World War II, and present concern over the mechanisms by which these elements can enter the environment through dissolution processes, sometimes with toxic results. This volume provides a complete compilation of solubility data published up to 1984, including all pertinent articles, together with critical evaluations of the data. Almost all the measurements relate to aqueous systems.

Of interest to inorganic, physical and analytical chemists, electrochemists, and those concerned with environmental quality.


Published: March 1986

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-032497-5


  • Foreword. Preface. Introduction: the solubility of solids in liquids. Copper(I) oxide. Copper(II) oxide and hydroxide. Silver(I) oxide. Silver(II) oxide. Gold(III) hydroxide. Zinc oxide and hydroxide. Cadmium oxide and hydroxide. Mercury(II) oxide. System index. Registry number index. Author index.


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