Control Systems book cover

Control Systems

Working through this student-centred text readers will be brought up to speed with the modelling of control systems using Laplace, and given a solid grounding of the pivotal role of control systems across the spectrum of modern engineering. A clear, readable text is supported by numerous worked example and problems.

Students following pre-degree vocational courses and first year degree modules.UK courses: BTEC National (2001/02 specifications), HNC / HND (coverage of this book has been specifically matched to the Control Systems and Automation unit).

Paperback, 192 Pages

Published: January 2002

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5461-6


  • Preface; Control systems, Introduction, Systems, Control systems models, Measurement elements, Signal processing, Correction elements, Control systems, Problems; System models, Introduction, Gain, Dynamic systems, Differential equations, Transfer function, System transfer functions, Sensitivity, Block manipulation, Multiple inputs, Problems; System response, Introduction, Inputs, Determining outputs, First order systems, Second order systems, Problems; System parameters, Introduction, First order systems, Second order systems, Stability, Problems; Frequency response, Introduction, Phasors, Sinusoidal inputs, Bode plots, System identification, Stability, Compensation, Problems; Nyquist diagrams, Introduction, The polar plot, Stability, Relative stability, Problems; Controllers, Introduction, On-off control, PID control, Terminology, A process controller, Controller mathematics, Tuning, Digital systems, Problems; Appendix A, Differential equations; Appendix B, Laplace tranform, Answers; Index


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