Clearing and Settlement of Derivatives


  • David Loader, Director of DSC Portfolio Ltd. and Loader Associates Ltd.

This book makes the reader aware of the background to the derivatives markets, how they have developed and their importance today. Clearing and Settlement of Derivatives addresses how and why derivative products are used and how the industry is structured, looking at both the exchange and over-the-counter markets. The role of the various parties is explained and the interaction between securities, commodities and derivatives explored.The key regulation that affects the use of derivatives by banks, corporate companies, institutional investors and private clients is covered and by way of example, the book reviews the various Directives affecting investment funds’ use of derivatives, capital adequacy requirements on banks and guidelines for private client use. The regulations looked at will be international, making this book suitable for most UK, European, and North American markets.
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This book is aimed at the securities and derivatives sector of the financial markets and those support and people and organisations involved in the market.


Book information

  • Published: August 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6452-3

Table of Contents

Introduction; The Derivatives Industry today; Using Derivatives; Derivative Exchanges; The Role of The Clearing House; Regulation Of Derivatives; A Bond Futures Road Map; An Index Futures Road Map; Interest Rate Futures Road Map; Commodity Futures Road Map; Metals Futures Road Map; Energy Futures Road Map; Stock Option Road Map; Option on a Future Road Map; Interest Rate Swap Road Map; Currency Swap Road Map; Equity Swap Road Map; Credit Derivative Road Map; OTC Options Road Map; Operational Risk; The Future For Derivatives.