Classic Papers, 27 book cover

Classic Papers, 27

Postgraduates and researchers in the plant sciences including botany and plant pathology.


Published: June 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-005927-0


  • R. Kunze, H. Saedler, and W.-E. Linnig, Plant Transposable Elements.J.A. Raven, Inorganic Carbon Acquisition by Marine Autotrophs.D. Boulter and R.R.D. Croy, The Structure and Biosynthesis of Legume Seed Storage Proteins: A Biological Solution to the Storage of Nitrogen Seeds.W.W. Carmichael, The Cyanotoxins.T. Larkum and C.J. Howe, Molecular Aspects of Light Harvesting Processes in Algae.Subject Index.


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