Citrix XenDesktop Implementation book cover

Citrix XenDesktop Implementation

A Practical Guide for IT Professionals

Finally, a book to guide you through the tasks of implementing XenDesktop for your company. Citrix XenDesktop Implementation is aimed to specifically address how to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution using Citrix XenDesktop. Experience with Citrix XenApp technologies is certainly beneficial, but not required. Aspects covered by this book include; Profile Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Disk Virtualization, Hypervisor integration, and lastly the Virtual Desktop Broker. Each chapter includes a Step-by-Step section, which gives you the ability to rapidly learn the skills required to implement a Citrix XenDesktop VDI solution. You will benefit from having all the information drawn together in a single, easy-to-follow instructional manual.


System Administrators, Systems Engineers, IT Architects, Systems Integrators, Citrix Partners, Desktop and Server teams.

Paperback, 484 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-582-0


  • "Gareth James does an amazing job diving deep in to what you truly need to know in order to successfully implement and deploy Citrix XenDesktop.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking into and/or deploying XenDesktop.  5 Stars!"          

    - Douglas A. Brown, CEO and Founder DABCC, Inc., Microsoft MVP Windows Server, Citrix Technology Professional


  • Chapter 1 Introduction

    Desktop Virtualization

    Components of a Citrix VDI Solution

    The Project Based Approach

    Chapter 2 Installation of the Broker - Desktop Delivery Controller

    How the Desktop Delivery Controller Works

    DDC Installation

    Chapter 3 Configuring the Desktop Delivery Controller

    Basic Configuration Settings

    Checkpoint 1 - Connectivity demonstration

    Chapter 4 Installing the Virtual Desktop

    Virtual Desktop Recommendations

    Citrix XenServer

    Microsoft Hyper-V

    VMware vSphere

    Blade Hardware

    Chapter 5 Desktop Delivery Controller - Advanced Configuration Settings

    Delivery Services Console

    Web Interface Configuration for the Integrated Web Site

    Checkpoint 2 - Connectivity to a Virtual desktop

    XenDesktop Policies and Printing

    Chapter 6 Installation of the Citrix Provisioning Server



    DHCP Configuration

    Installation of Provisioning Server - Step by Step

    Chapter 7 Fundamental Configuration of the Citrix Provisioning Server

    The vDisk Store

    The vDisk

    Create a Base Target Device

    Checkpoint 3 - Booting two VMs from a vDisk

    Chapter 8 Additional Provisioning Server Configuration Settings

    Provisioning Server Configuration Programs

    Configure Server Settings

    Active Directory

    Configure Site Settings

    Using the Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager -Step by Step

    Adding a Disk for Write Cache

    Chapter 9 Using the Setup Wizard to Create Multiple Desktops


    Create a Template Virtual Machine

    XenDesktop Setup Tool Installation

    Checkpoint 4 Using the XenDesktop Setup Tool - Demonstration

    Chapter 10 Configure Citrix XenApp for Application Provisioning

    Install XenApp for virtual

    Install Web Interface

    Configure XenApp Server

    Hosted Applications - Regular

    Hosted Applications - Streamed to Server

    Streamed to End Point Applications

    Install VM Hosted Applications

    Microsoft App-V Applications

    Chapter 11 Integrating Virtual Applications into the Virtual Desktop

    Configure the XenApp Client

    Pre-Cache XenApp Streamed Applications

    Pre-Cache App-V Applications

    Checkpoint 5 Updating packages in the base vDisk

    Chapter 12 Implementing Virtual Profiles into the Virtual Desktop

    What is a Profile?

    Chapter 13 Advanced XenDesktop Client Settings -Audio and Video and Peripherals

    Citrix Client Side Configuration

    Appendix A

    POC Pre-requisite Checklist

    XenApp 6 for Windows 2008 R2

    VMware SDK Integration

    Citrix XenServer

    Downloading Citrix Software

    Installing Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager - SCVMM Step - by - Step

    Microsoft Licensing

    Using Snapshots


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