Citrix XenDesktop Implementation book cover

Citrix XenDesktop Implementation

A Practical Guide for IT Professionals

Citrix XenDesktop Implementation explores the implementation of Citrix XenDesktop, a virtual desktop infrastructure solution. After introducing the desktop virtualization, the book discusses the installation of a desktop delivery controller through advanced XenDesktop Client Settings. This book briefly discusses the work of desktop delivery controller mechanisms followed by its installation process, integration process of XenDesktop with Microsoft Active Directory, and the configuration of the desktop delivery controller. It then examines the process of installing the virtual desktop onto the server infrastructure, and it follows the installation and integration onto Xen Server, Hyper-V, and VMware hypervisors. Furthermore, it discusses the advanced configuration settings. The book covers the installation of the Citrix Provisioning Server and its fundamental configuration. It also explores the configuration of Citrix XenApp for Application provisioning, the integration of virtual applications, and the implementation of virtual profiles into the virtual desktop. The book concludes by explaining the advanced XenDesktop client settings on audio, video, and peripherals.


System Administrators, Systems Engineers, IT Architects, Systems Integrators, Citrix Partners, Desktop and Server teams.

Paperback, 484 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-582-0


  • "Gareth James does an amazing job diving deep in to what you truly need to know in order to successfully implement and deploy Citrix XenDesktop.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking into and/or deploying XenDesktop.  5 Stars!"          

    - Douglas A. Brown, CEO and Founder DABCC, Inc., Microsoft MVP Windows Server, Citrix Technology Professional


  • Chapter 1 Introduction

        Desktop Virtualization

        Components of a Citrix VDI Solution

        The Project-Based Approach

    Chapter 2 Installation of the Broker - Desktop Delivery Controller

        How the Desktop Delivery Controller Works


        DDC Installation

             DDC Installation - Step by Step

             DDC Installation Recommendations for Large Farms

        Active Directory Integration

             AD Integration - Step by Step


    Chapter 3 Configuring the Desktop Delivery Controller

        Basic Configuration Settings

             Performing an Initial Discovery - Step by Step

             Configure the XenDesktop License Server - Step by Step

             Install the Virtual Desktop Agent on a Test Workstation - Step by Step

             Virtual Desktop Group Creation - Step by Step

             Connectivity to a Single Desktop


    Chapter 4 Installing the Virtual Desktop

        Virtual Desktop Recommendations





             Active Directory

             Microsoft License

             General Performance “Tweaks”

        Citrix XenServer



        Microsoft Hyper-V



        VMware vSphere



        Blade Hardware


    Chapter 5 Desktop Delivery Controller - Advanced Configuration Settings

        Delivery Services Console

             Desktop Delivery Controller - General





        Web Interface Configuration for the Integrated Web Site

             Set the Logon Domain

             Web Interface Installed on a Separate Web Server Step-by-Step

             Integrating XenDesktop with Access Gateway

        XenDesktop Policies and Printing

             Citrix XenDesktop and Policies

             Citrix Printer Options

             Create a Citrix Policy Step-by-Step

             Citrix XenDesktop Policy Settings Explained


             Client Devices

             Microsoft Policy Settings


    Chapter 6 Installation of the Citrix Provisioning Server



        DHCP Configuration

             Create the PXE Scope Options on a Microsoft DHCP Server - Step by Step

             Installation of Provisioning Server - Step by Step


    Chapter 7 Fundamental Configuration of the Citrix Provisioning Server

        The vDisk Store

             Design Decisions - vDisk and Write Cache Placement

             Create the Store - Step by Step

        The vDisk

             Design Decisions - vDisk Mode - Private or Standard

             Create vDisk - Step by Step

             Configure vDisk Settings

        Create a Base Target Device

             Finding Your Virtual MAC Address

             All Hypervisors

             Assign a vDisk to the Base Target Device

             Install the Target Device Software - Step by Step

             Copy the Target Device Hard Drive to the vDisk - Step by Step

             Remove Locks on the vDisk

             Mount the vDisk to a Test Virtual Desktop

             Add the Virtual Desktop to the Desktop Group

             Mount the vDisk to Two Virtual Desktops Simultaneously


    Chapter 8 Additional Provisioning Server Configuration Settings

        Provisioning Server Configuration Programs

        Configure Server Settings

        Active Directory

        Configure Site Settings

        Using the Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager - Step by Step


             NO DHCP

        Adding a Disk for Write Cache

             Attaching a Disk


    Chapter 9 Using the Setup Wizard to Create Multiple Desktops


        Create a Template Virtual Machine




        Xendesktop Setup Tool Installation


    Chapter 10 Configure Citrix XenApp for Application Provisioning

        Install Xenapp for Virtual Applications

             Design Decisions for Application Provisioning to Virtual Desktops

             Prerequisites Windows 2003

             Prerequisites Windows 2008

             Install XenApp Step by Step

        Install Web Interface

             Configure Web Interface for Provisioning Applications to Virtual Desktops

        Configure Xenapp Server

        Hosted Applications - Regular Installed

             Publish a Hosted Application - Step by Step

        Hosted Applications - Streamed to Server

             Publish a Streamed to Server Application

        Streamed to End Point Applications

             Install the Application Streaming Profiler

             Profile a Streamed Application - Step by Step

             Publish a Streamed Application

        Install VM-hosted Applications

             Create the VM-hosted Application Virtual Machines - Step by Step

        Microsoft App-V Applications


    Chapter 11 Integrating Virtual Applications into the Virtual Desktop

        Configure the XenApp Client

             Installing the Receiver and the Online Plug-in

             Installing the Offline Plug-in

        Precache XenApp-streamed Applications

        Precache App-V Applications


    Chapter 12 Implementing Virtual Profiles into the Virtual Desktop

        What is a Profile?

             Installation of Virtual Profiles

             Configuration of Virtual Profiles


    Chapter 13 Advanced XenDesktop Client Settings - Audio and Video and Peripherals

        Citrix Client-side Configuration

             HDX Media Stream - Streaming Content

             HDX Plug and Play - USB Redirection

             HDX Real-time Bidirectional Audio and Video

             HDX 3D

             HDX Broadcast and HDX Intellicache

             Installing the HDX Experience Monitor



        POC Prerequisite Checklist


             Active Directory Requirements





        XenApp 6 for Windows 2008 R2

        VMware SDK Integration

             Changing the SDK Requirements to HTTP

             Connecting Using HTTPS

        Citrix XenServer

        Downloading Citrix Software

             Your Organization has Bought the Software

             You Are Evaluating the Software

             Obtaining the License File

        Installing Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine

        Manager - SCVMM - Step by Step

        Microsoft Licensing

             Virtual Servers

             Virtual Desktops

             VDI Suites

        Using Snapshots






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