Chemical Sensing with Solid State Devices book cover

Chemical Sensing with Solid State Devices

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Chemists involved in analysis; device engineers; biochemists.

Hardbound, 556 pages

Published: April 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-464965-1


  • "The book is set out in a logical and systematic way with the early chapters outlining the scope of the book, defining terms and laying a theoretical foundation for the later chapters. The book is an informative text for beginners in the field and a handy reference for those who are experienced."


  • Introduction. Solid State Background. Solid/Gas Interfaces. Solid/Liquid Interfaces. Catalysis Background. Membrane Background. Biosensor Principles. Principles of Chemfet Operation. Silicon Based Chemical Sensors. Thin Film Gas Sensors. SolidElectrolytes-Devices. Gas Sensors Based on Semiconductor Powders. Application of Solid State Chemical Sensors.


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