• John Campbell, Professor Emeritus of Casting Technology, University of Birmingham, UK

This is the key publication for professionals and students in the metallurgy and foundry field. Fully revised and expanded, Castings Second Edition covers the latest developments in the understanding of the role of the liquid metal in controlling the properties of cast materials, and indeed, of all metallic materials that have started in the cast form. Practising foundry engineers, designers, and students will find the revealing insights into the behaviour of castings essential in developing their inderstanding and practice. John Campbell OBE is a leading international figure in the castings industry, with over four decades of experience. He is the originator of the Cosworth Casting Process, the pre-eminent production process for automobile cylinder heads and blocks. He is also co-inventor of both the Baxi Casting Process (now owned by Alcoa) developed in the UK, and the newly emerging Alotech Casting Process in the USA. He is Professor of Casting Technology at the University of Birmingham, UK.
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Metallurgists, Materials engineers, Foundry engineers.


Book information

  • Published: April 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-4790-8


Praise for Castings - first edition "Castings is a must reference for all foundry engineers and castings designers" - American Foundrymens Society "Its author has himself made an outstanding contribution to the advance in the science and engineering" - Cast Metals Journals "This excellent book goes a long way towards bridging the gulf between theory and practice..." - Materials Science and Engineering "Entertaining and fun to read...with realism, enthusiasm and a dry sense of humour" - The Metallurgist and Materials Technologist "This is a work which the casting industry should welcome with open arms. No foundry, and no foundry technologist, can afford to be without it." - Foundry Trade Journal

Table of Contents

Preface; Dedication; Introduction; The melt; Entrainment; Flow; The mould; Solidification structure; Gas porosity; Solidification shrinkage; Linear contraction; Structure, defects and properties of the finished casting; Processing; Environmental interactions; References; Index.