The Biochemistry of Plants book cover

The Biochemistry of Plants


Graduate and professional plant biochemists, bacterial and animal biochemists, and graduate-level bioscience libraries.

Hardbound, 529 Pages

Published: May 1988

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-675414-8


  • T. Rees, Hexose Phosphate Metabolism by Nonphotosynthetic Tissues of Higher Plants.W.J. Lucas and M.A. Madore, Recent Advances in Sugar Transport.F.A. Loewus, Ascorbic Acid and Its Metabolic Products.C.J. Pollock and N.J. Chatterton, Fructans.K. Kainuma, Structure and Chemistry of the Starch Granule.J. Preiss, Biosynthesis of Starch and Its Regulation.M. Steup, Starch Degradation.A. Bacic, P.J. Harris, and B.A. Stone, Structure and Function of Plant Cell Walls.D.P. Delmer and B.A. Stone, Biosynthesis of Plant Cell Walls.G.P. Kaushal, T. Szumilo, and A.D. Elbein, Structure and Biosynthesis of Plant N-Linked Glycoproteins.T. Akazawa, T. Mitsui, and M. Hayashi, Recent Progress in ~ga-Amylase Biosynthesis.Index.Contents of Other Volumes.For information on availability and prices of other volumes, call 1-(800)-321-5068. In Missouri, Alaska, or Hawaii call 1-(314)-528-8110.For information on availability and prices of other volumes, call (01)-300-3322.


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