Business Aspects of Optometry book cover

Business Aspects of Optometry

Count on this complete guide to setting up and managing an optometric practice! Business Aspects of Optometry covers everything related to the business side of a practice — such as selecting a location and staff, equipping the office, office administration and personnel management, marketing, options for a specialty practice, controlling costs, billing and reimbursement, risk management, and financial planning. To succeed in practice, this is the one resource you need!

Hardbound, 544 Pages

Published: December 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-4377-1586-6


  • Section 1: Preparing for your Professional Career

    1. State of the Profession
    2. Personal and Professional Goal Setting
    3. Ownership (Self-Employment)
    4. Employment
    5. Resumes and Interviews
    6. Debt Management
    7. Principles of Negotiation
    8. Section 2: Purchasing a Practice

    9. Valuation and Purchase of an Eyecare Practice
    10. Principles of Practice Transfer
    11. Section 3: Developing a Business Plan: New Practice, Expansion and Acquisition

    12. Deciding Where to Practice
    13. Elements of an Office Business Plan, Practice Financing and Obtaining a Business Loan
    14. Understanding Premises Leases
    15. Office Design
    16. Instrumentation and Equipment
    17. Controlling Cost of Goods
    18. Section 4: Office Administration and Human Resource Issues

    19. Office Organization, Structure and Systems
    20. Human Resources: Hiring and Training Office Staff
    21. Human Resources: Managing and Motivating Office Staff
    22. Human Resources: Evaluating, Managing and Dismissing Office Staff
    23. Computer Business Systems and Internet Resources
    24. Recall Systems
    25. Section 5: Practice Administration

    26. Ethics in Optometric Practice
    27. Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management
    28. Quality Assurance
    29. Insurance
    30. Patient Communication
    31. Marketing: External and Internal
    32. Section 6: Evaluation and Management of Specialty Services

    33. Ophthalmic Dispensing
    34. Specialty Practice
    35. Contact Lens Specialty Practice
    36. Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy Specialty Practice
    37. Interprofessional Relations
    38. Section 7: Financial Aspects

    39. Fees, Credit and Collections
    40. Managed Care, Audits and Third Party Reimbursement
    41. Coding and Billing
    42. Analysis of Practice Economics and Growth
    43. Financial and Estate Planning
    44. Financial Decision Making
    45. Taxes
    46. Exit Strategies


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