Bone and Joint Imaging book cover

Bone and Joint Imaging

Over 3,800 exquisite images demonstrate every principle and capture the characteristic presentations of the most frequently encountered disorders. The result is a remarkably thorough, yet focused and pragmatic, source of clinical guidance.

The New Edition updates and distills all of the most important content from Dr. Donald Resnick's 5-volume Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders, 4th Edition into a single, concise source. Together with new co-editor Mark J. Kransdorf, MD, Dr. Resnick and 38 other distinguished experts zero in on the specific, state-of-the-art musculoskeletal imaging and interpretation knowledge practitioners need today.

Hardbound, 1536 Pages

Published: November 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-0270-7


  • I. Basic Science

    1. Histogenesis, Anatomy and Physiology of Bone
    2. Articular Anatomy and Histology
    4. Anatomy of Individual Joints
    3. Articular Cartilage: Morphology, Physiology, and Function

    II. Diagnostic Techniques

    5. Arthrography, Tenography, and Bursography
    6. Diagnostic Ultrasonography
    7. Radionuclide Techniques
    8. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Practical Considerations
    9. Needle Biopsy of Bone and Soft Tissue

    III. Imaging and Interventional Procedures of the Spine

    10. Spinal Imaging
    11. Interventional Spinal Procedures
    12. Imaging after Spinal Surgery

    IV. Imaging of the Postoperative Spine

    13. Imaging after Surgery in Extraspinal Sites
    14. Imaging of Joint Replacement

    V. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related Diseases

    15. Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies: Radiographic and Pathologic Concepts
    16. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    17. Juvenile Chronic Arthritis
    18. Ankylosing Spondylitis
    19. Psoriatic Arthritis
    20. Reiter’s Syndrome
    21. Enteropathic Arthropathies
    22. Periodic, Relapsing, and Recurrent Disorders

    VI. Connective Tissue Disease

    23. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    24. Scleroderma (Progressive Sytemic Sclerosis)
    25. Dermatomyositis, Polymyositis, and Other Inflammatory Myopathies
    26. Polyarteritis Nodosa and Other Vasculitides
    27. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Collagen Vascular Overlap Syndromes
    28. Rheumatic Fever

    VII. Degenerative Diseases

    29. Degenerative Diseases of Extraspinal Locations
    30. Degenerative Diseases of the Spine
    31. Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
    32. Calcification and Ossification of the Posterior Spinal Ligaments and Tissues

    VIII. Crystal-Induced and Related Diseases

    33. Gouty Arthritis
    34. Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Crystal Deposition Disease
    35. Calcium Hydroxyapatite Crystal Deposition Disease
    36. Hemochromatosis and Wilson’s Disease
    37. Alkaptonuria
    38. Other Crystal-Induced Diseases

    IX. Temporomandibular Manifestations of Articular Disease

    39. Temporomandibular Joints

    X. Target Approach to Articular Disease

    40. Target Area Approach to Articular Disorders: A Synopsis

    XI. Metabolic Diseases

    41. Osteoporosis
    42. Rickets and Osteomalacia
    43. Paget’s Disease

    XII. Endocrine Diseases

    44. Pituitary Disorders
    45. Thyroid Disorders
    46. Parathyroid Disorders and Renal Osteodystrophy
    47. Disorders of Other Endocrine Glands and of Pregnancy

    XII. Diseases of the Hematopoietic System

    48. Hemoglobinopathies and Other Anemias
    49. Plasma Cell Dyscrasias and Dysgammaglobulinemias
    50. Lipidoses, Histiocytoses, and Hyperlipoproteinemias
    51. Lymphoproliferative and Myeloproliferative Disorders
    52. Bleeding Disorders

    XIV. Infectious Diseases

    53. Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis, and Soft Tissue Infection: Mechanisms and Situations
    54. Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis, and Soft Tissue Infection: Axial Skeleton
    55. Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis, and Soft Tissue Infection: Organisms

    XV. Traumatic Diseases

    56. Physical Injury: Concepts and Terminology
    57. Physical Injury: Extraspinal Sites
    58. Physical Injury: Spine

    XVI. Internal Derangement of Joints

    59. Internal Derangement of Joints

    XVII. Thermal, Iatrogenic, Nutritional, and Neurogenic Diseases

    60. Thermal and Electrical Injuries
    61. Radiation Changes
    62. Disorders Due to Medications and Other Chemical Agents
    63. Hypervitaminosis and Hypovitaminosis
    64. Heavy Metal Poisoning and Deficiency
    65. Neuromuscular Disorders
    66. Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy

    XVIII. Osteonecrosis and Osteochondrosis

    67. Osteonecrosis: Pathogenesis, Diagnostic Techniques, Specific Situations, and Complications
    68. Osteochondroses

    XIX. Tumors and Tumor-like Diseases

    69. Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of Bone: Radiologic Principles
    70. Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of Bone: Imaging of Specific Lesions
    71. Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of Soft Tissues
    72. Skeletal Metastases

    XX. Congenital Diseases

    73. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
    74. Heritable Diseases of Connective Tissue, Epiphyseal Dysplasias, and Related Conditions
    75. Osteochondrodysplasias, Dysostoses, Chromosomal Aberrations, Mucopolysaccharidoses and Mucolipidoses
    76. Spinal Anomalies and Curvatures
    77. Additional Congenital or Heritable Anomalies and Syndromes

    XXI. Diseases of Soft Tissue and Muscle

    78. Soft Tissue Disorders
    79. Muscle Disorders

    XXII. Miscellaneous Diseases

    80. Sarcoidosis
    81. Tuberous Sclerosis, Neurofibromatosis, and Fibrous Dysplasia
    82. Endostosis, Hyperostosis, and Periostitis
    83. Osteolysis and Chondrolysis


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