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Biomedical Composites

Biocomposites are widely used in the medical industry to repair and restore bone, tooth, cartilage skin and other tissues. Biomedical composites, provides a thorough review of the current status, recent progress and future trends in composites for biomedical applications.

Part one discusses the fundamentals of biocomposites with chapters on natural composites, design and fabrication of biocomposites, and hard and soft tissue applications of biocomposites. Part two then reviews applications of biocomposites. Chapters discuss composites for bone repair, composite coatings for implants, composites for spinal implants, injectable composites and composites for tissue engineered scaffolds. Chapters in part three discuss the biocompatibility, mechanical behaviour and failure of biocomposites with such topics as cellular response, testing of biocomposites and tribology of biocomposites. Finally part four reviews the future for biocomposites with chapters on nano-structured biocomposites, developing biocomposites as scaffolds and biocomposites in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

With its distinguished editor and team of international contributors, Biomedical composites is an essential reference to materials scientists and researchers in industry and academia, as well as all those concerned with this increasingly important field.

Materials scientists

Hardbound, 648 Pages

Published: November 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-436-4


  • Part 1 Introduction to biocomposites: Natural composites: Structure-property relationships in bone, cartilage, ligament and tendons; Design and fabrication of biocomposites; Hard tissue applications of biocomposites; Soft tissue applications of biocomposites. Part 2 Particular applications of biocomposites: Composite materials for bone repair; Composite coatings for implants and tissue engineering scaffolds; Composite materials for spinal implants; Composites for dental applications; Acrylic bone cements for joint replacement; Composite materials for replacement of ligaments and tendons; Injectable composites for bone repair; Composite materials for hip joint prostheses; Harnessing the properties of fiber-reinforced composites in the design of tissue-engineered scaffolds. Part 3 Biocompatibility, mechanical behaviour and failure of biocomposites: The challenge of biocompatibility evaluation of biocomposites; Cellular response to biocomposites; Testing the in vivo biocompatibility of biocomposites; The mechanics of biocomposites; Tribology of biocomposites; Fatigue behaviour of biocomposites. Part 4 The future for biocomposites: Nanostructured biocomposites for tissue engineering scaffolds; Developing biocomposites as scaffolds in regenerative medicine; Developing targeted biocomposites in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; Ethical issues affecting the use of biocomposites.


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