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This book provides in-depth information on basic and applied aspects of biohydrogen production. It begins with an introduction to the topic, and follows with the basic scientific aspects of biohydrogen production, such as the enzyme involved in biohydrogen production, the microorganisms and metabolic engineering information. It then provides state-of-art information on various aspects of biohydrogen production methods such as from solid wastes, from industrial effluents, thermo-chemical route for biohydrogen production, etc. It also includes information on engineering aspects such as the design of bioreactors for biohydrogen production and scale-up issues. Finally, it touches on the issues of hydrogen economy and commercialization. The book introduces you to all aspects of biohydrogen research, helping you understand the various issues involved and plan your own research based on recent findings and commercial needs.


Chemists and chemical engineers, biochemical engineers, Biotechnologists, bioengineers, , environmental engineers, academics and research students in these areas as well researchers in government and corporate research labs.

Hardbound, 588 Pages

Published: June 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-59555-3


  • "Editor Pandey…unites international editors and contributors to report on biohydrogen production at the molecular and metabolic level and to describe related engineering aspects, waste utilization, and large-scale commercial applications…the book will be useful for researchers and practitioners in biohydrogen, microbial bioprocesses, biofuels, and industrial waste."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013


  • Foreword (Michael Seibert)
    Preface (Ashok Pandey, Jo-Shu Chang, Patrick C. Hallenbeck, Christian Larroche)
    1 Biohydrogen Production: An Introduction (S. Venkata Mohan, Ashok Pandey)
    2 Fundamentals of Biohydrogen (Patrick C. Hallenbeck)
    3 Metabolic Engineering of Microorganisms for Biohydrogen Production (You-Kwan Oh, Subramanian Mohan Raj, Gyoo Yeol Jung, Sunghoon Park)
    4 Insurmountable Hurdles for Fermentative H2 Production? (Patrik R. Jones, M. Kalim Akhtar)
    5 Hydrogenase (Philippe Constant, Patrick C. Hallenbeck)
    6 Biohydrogen Production from Organic Wastes by Dark Fermentation (G. Balachandar, Namita Khanna, Debabrata Das)
    7 Photofermentative Biohydrogen Production (Patrick C. Hallenbeck)
    8 Biohydrogen Production from Algae (Man Kee Lam, Keat Teong Lee)
    9 Biohydrogen from Renewable Resources (Ganesh D. Saratale, Rijuta G. Saratale, Jo-Shu Chang)
    10 Biohydrogen Production from Wastewater (S. Venkata Mohan, K. Chandrasekhar, P. Chiranjeevi, P. Suresh Babu)
    11 Fermentative Biohydrogen Production from Solid Wastes (Mi-Sun Kim, Jaehwan Cha, Dong-Hoon Kim)
    12 Thermochemical Route for Biohydrogen Production (Thallada Bhaskar, Bhavya Balagurumurthy, Rawel Singh, Mukesh Kumar Poddar)
    13 Bioreactor and Bioprocess Design for Biohydrogen Production (Kuan-Yeow Show, Duu-Jong Lee)
    14 Scale-up and Commercial Applications of Biohydrogen Production Processes (Biswarup Sen, Chen-Yeon Chu, Chiu-Yue Lin)


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