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Bioactive Materials in Medicine

Design and Applications

Bioactive materials play an increasingly important role in the biomaterials industry, and are used for a range of applications, including artificial organs, drug delivery systems, nanomedicine, and biosensors. Bioactive materials in medicine reviews the current status and ongoing development of bioactive materials for medical applications.

Following an introduction to bioactive materials in medicine, part one covers the process of designing bioactive materials, including chapters on molecular design, nanotechnology, and tissue engineering. Part two focuses on the different applications of bioactive materials in medicine, with chapters discussing applications in orthopaedics, in the circulatory system,and as antibacterials. The final chapters focus on the uses of these materials in gene therapy, plastic surgery and body reconstruction, and in drug delivery systems.

With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Bioactive materials in medicine is an essential reference for researchers and designers in industry, as well as those with an academic interest in the subject.

Researchers and designers in industry, as well as those with an academic interest in the subject.

Hardbound, 288 Pages

Published: May 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-624-5


  • Introduction to bioactive materials in medicine. Part 1 Designing bioactive materials for use in medicine: Molecular design of bioactive materials with controlled bioactivity; Bioactive materials and nanotechnology; Bioactive materials and tissue engineering. Part 2 Applications of bioactive materials in medicine: Antibacterial bioactive materials; Bioactive materials in orthopaedics; Bioactive materials in the circulatory system; Bioactive materials in gene therapy; Bioactive materials in plastic surgery and body reconstruction; Bioactive materials in drug delivery systems.


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