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Autoimmune diseases are characterized by the occurrence of antibodies reacting with self constituents of the body. This exciting new reference is an exhaustive review of the main autoantibodies identified up to now, with particular emphasis on those autoantibodies that display a clinical value. Each chapter is focussed on a single family of autoantibodies by reviewing their historical notes, definition, origin and source(s) of the antigen(s) recognized, genetic associations, pathogenic mechanisms that are mediated, method(s) of detection and clinical utility (disease prevalence/association, diagnostic value, sensitivity and specificity, prognostic value). An ideal reference for anyone involved in the field of autoimmune diseases.

Physicians and students in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Clinical Immunology, Hematology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Nephrology, and Dermatology. Also of interest to those working in companies involved in selling diagnostic assays for autoimmune disorders.

Hardbound, 872 Pages

Published: November 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52763-9


  • PREFACEFOREWORD ¡V Autoantibodies: History and HorizonsINTRODUCTION: AUTOANTIBODIES-UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICSWhat is an autoantibody?Natural Autoantibodies, Heralding, Protecting and Inducing AutoimmunityMolecular MimicryAffinity and Avidity of Autoantibodies Pathogenic Mechanisms and Clinical Relevance of AutoantibodiesNative Autoantigens Versus Recombinant AutoantigensRedox-Reactive Autoantibodies Predictive AutoantibodiesAutoantibody Subclasses Idiotypes and Anti-idiotypes Novel Diagnostic Methods for Autoantibody DetectionALLERGIC DISEASE AUTOANTIBODIESHuman IgE Specific Autoantibodies and Autoantibodies to IgE ReceptorsANTINEUTROPHIL ANTIBODIESAntineutrophil Cytoplasmic Autoantibodies with Specificity for MyeloperoxidaseNovel Thoughts on Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Autoantibodies Neutrophil-Specific Antinuclear and Anti-Cytoplasmic Antibodies in Chronic Inflammatory DiseasesAntineutrophil Cytoplasmatic Autoantibodies with Specificity to Proteinase 3ANTINUCLEAR ANTIBODIESAntinuclear Antibodies: General IntroductionAnti-nucleolar AntibodiesAnti-Chromatin (Nucleosome) AutoantibodiesCentromere AutoantibodiesdsDNA AutoantibodiesHistone Autoantibodies Ku and Ki AutoantibodiesNeuronal Nuclear Autoantibodies, Type 1 (Hu) Nuclear Envelope Protein Autoantibodies/Anti-laminin AutoantibodiesAnti-nucleosome AutoantibodiesProliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Autoantibodies Anti-RA-33 Antibodies (Antibodies to the Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein A2 Anti-Ribosomal P Antibodies SS-A (Ro) AutoantibodiesTopoisomerase-I (Sci-70) AutoantibodiesSS-B (La) AutoantibodiesAnti-RNA Polymerase III Antibodies AUTOANTIBODIES TO BIOLOGIC FACTORS/STRUCTURESGW Bodies, P Bodies and Components of the miRNA Pathway Golgi Complex and Endosome Antibodiesp53 AutoantibodiesHuman Antiganglioside AutoantibodiesHuman Anti-Ą-Galactosyl AntibodiesAutoantibodies in Therapeutic Preparation of Human Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG)Cytokine AntibodiesCytoskeletal Autoantibodies/Anti-actin AntibodiesFibrillarin AutoantibodiesFibronectin AutoantibodiesInterferon-inducible Protein IFI 16 AutoantibodiesCARDIAC AUTOANTIBODIESAutoantibodies in AtherosclerosisHeat Shock Protein AutoantibodiesMyocardial Auto-antibodies and Their Clinical Significance ENDOCRINE AUTOANTIBODIESGlutamic Acid Decarboxylase Autoantibodies Insulin Autoantibodies/Islet Cell Autoantibodies/Other Autoantibodies in IDDM Antibodies to Adrenal, Gonadal Tissues and Steroidogenic EnzymesThyroglobulin Autoantibodies/Thyroid Peroxidase Autoantibodies/Thyrotropin Receptor GI AND LIVER AUTOANTIBODIESAnti-Intestinal Goblet Cell AntibodiesTumor Associated AutoantibodiesCryoglobulins and Cryoglobulins Secondary to Hepatitis C Virus InfectionAnti-tissue Transglutaminase and Anti-endomyisial AntibodiesAnti-gliadin AntibodiesReticulin AutoantibodiesLiver Cytosol Antigen Type 1 Autoantibodies (LC-1), Liver Kidney Microsomal Autoantibodies (LKM), and Liver Microsomal Autoantibodies (LM)Antimitochondrial AntibodiesParietal Cell and Intrinsic Factor AutoantibodiesSmooth Muscle AutoantibodiesHEMATOLOGIC AUTOANTIBODIESCoagulation Factor Autoantibodies Autoantibodies in Heparin-Induced ThrombocytopeniaPlatelet AutoantibodiesRed Cell AutoantibodiesLymphocytotoxic AutoantibodiesKIDNEY AUTOANTIBODIESAnti-ATP Synthase ƒÒ-Chain AutoantibodiesGlomerular Basement Membrane AutoantibodiesNephritic Factor AutoantibodiesNEUROLOGICAL SYSTEM AUTOANTIBODIESAcetylcholine Receptor and Muscle Specific Kinase AutoantibodiesMyositis Autoantibodies: Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase, Signal Recognition Particle, Mi-2, and PM-Scl Autoantibodies Anti-MOG AntibodiesAntibodies to Hsp 70 in Inner Ear DiseaseAutoantibodies in the Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Ganglioside AutoantibodiesMyelin Associated Antibodies: Myelin-associated Glycoprotein Autoantibodies, Myelin Basic Protein Autoantibodies and Myelin Proteolipid Autoantibodies in Neurologic Diseases Paraneoplastic Neurological Antibodies: 1. NuclearParaneoplastic Neurological Antibodies: 2. Purkinje Cell CytoplasmParaneoplastic Neurological Antibodies: 3. Additional ReactivitiesRetinal AutoantibodiesAutoantibodies in EpilepsyRHEUMATIC DISEASE AUTOANTIBODIESAnti-fodrin AntibodiesAntibodies to Laminin Autoantibodies Against Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor in Patients with Sjogren¡¦s SyndromeB2 ¡VGlycoprotein I AutoantibodiesC1 Inhibitor AutoantibodiesAutoantibodies to C1qAnti-Collagen AntibodiesAnti-cyclic citrullinated peptide AntibodyAnti-endothelial Cell AutoantibodiesLupus Anticoagulant TestingAnti-cardiolipin AntibodiesPhospholipid Autoantibodies (Non Anti-cardiolipin)-Anti-Prothrombin AntibodiesRheumatoid FactorsSKIN DISEASE AUTOANTIBODIESAutoantibodies to Mucocutaneous AntigensUNIQUE CLINICAL SITUATIONSAutoimmunity and the Newer BiopharmaceuticalsAutoantibodies Against Tumor Suppressor ProteinsDetection of Autoantibodies Using Protein Arrays Autoantibodies and Pregnancy LossAnti Glycan AntibodiesFUTURE DIRECTIONS


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