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Auditory Physiology & Perception

The 9th International Symposium on Hearing brought together a selection of leading hearing scientists working with different approaches from cell biology to psychology. This book inlcudes stimulating presentations by these distinguished researchers in this dynamic field. The material is organized such that related topics are grouped together in an interdisciplinary fashion under ten main headings covering a wide spectrum of scientific approaches to the study of auditory physiology and perception. The four main tutorial sessions cover major advances in cochlear mechanics, hair cell physiology, complex sounds perception and psychophysiology, providing up-to-date and extensive reviews of these areas.

For physiologists, postgraduates and researchers in this field.

Included in series
Advances in the Biosciences


Published: April 1992

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-041847-6


  • Section headings and selected papers: Inner Ear Cell Biology. Neurobiology of cochlear hair cells, P Dallos. Auditory Periphery Functioning. Cochlear mechanics, J P Wilson. Scanning electron microscopy of the echidna: morphology of a primitive mammalian cochlea, J O Pickles. Frequency Selectivity. Comparisons of physiological and behavioural properties: auditory frequency selectivity, E F Evans et al. Pitch. The musical pitch of high frequency tones, K Ohgushi & T Hatoh. Intensity Coding. Neural encoding of sound intensity in the ventral cochlear nucleus of awake and behaving cats, B J May & M B Sachs. Temporal Analyses. Physiological correlates of temporal integration, N F Viemeister et al. Spectral Shape Analysis. Discrimination of complex spectra: spectral weights and performance efficiency, B G Berg & D M Green. Spectro-temporal Processing. How does physiology support auditory scene analysis? A S Bregman. Binaural Interactions and Sound Localization. Frequency discrimination, amplitude discrimination and the binaural masking level difference: some anomalous results, G B Henning. Pathologies. Effect of short duration acoustic trauma on activity of single neurons in the ventral cochlear nucleus, F A Boettcher & R J Salvi. Author Index. Subject Index.


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