Atmospheric Deposition book cover

Atmospheric Deposition

In Relation to Acidification and Eutrophication

In this book the research on atmospheric deposition of the Dutch Priority Programme on Acidification Research is summarised. Although most research described is of Dutch origin, it has been put into a broader perspective by outlining the state of knowledge on the process affecting atmospheric deposition in Europe. This has resulted in detailed deposition maps for the Netherlands and Europe. The volume is intended for those who measure or model atmospheric deposition and ecologists interested in exposure from atmospheric deposition, as well as policy-makers and students.


Published: June 1995

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-82247-5


  • This is an impressive book, which provides a timely summary of a large body of recent research.
    Environmental Pollution


  • Preface. Contents. List of Figures. List of Tables. Nomenclature. General Introduction. Introduction. Introduction to the issue of acidification. Dutch Priority Programme on Acidification. History of atmospheric deposition research. Atmospheric deposition research in the Netherlands. Objectives and outline of the book. Emission, Transformation and Transport. Introduction. Emission of nitrogen and sulphur compounds. Atmospheric chemistry. Factors affecting transport. Long-range transport modelling. Spatial variation in concentration. Deposition Processes and Measurement. Introduction. Wet deposition. Dry deposition. Cloud and fog deposition and dew. Evaluation and comparison of different methods for estimating deposition. Synthesis. Measurement Results and Dry Deposition. Introduction. Measurement results. Surface resistance parametrisations. Generalisation of Deposition. Introduction. Local-scale deposition maps, what's the use? Deposition modelling in the Netherlands. Deposition modelling in Europe. Variation in deposition over several years. Synthesis. Evaluation of Deposition Estimates. Introduction. Evaluation of surface exchange parameters for SO2. Relation between atmospheric deposition and soil loads. Uncertainty in DEADM results. Uncertainty in the EDACS results. General synthesis. Three Case Studies. Introduction. The Elspeetsche Veld experiment on surface exchange of trace gases. The Utrechtse Heuvelrug experiment on the impact of canopy structure and forest edge effects on deposition. The Speulder Forest experiments to determine the input and related impacts to Douglas fir. References. Index.


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