Antigenic Variation book cover

Antigenic Variation

Research level infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, virologists, parasitologists,and evolutionary biologists


Published: August 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-194851-1


  • "It provides an excellent review, drawing from examples as diverse as HIV...I would recommend this text to anyone involved with vaccine and drug development, as well as those studying the host-microbe interaction: a useful addition to the bookshelf." -MICROBIOLOGY TODAY (May 2004)


  • Synthesis of allelic/antigenic variationHIV variation - a question of signal-to-noiseCalicivirusInfluenza, the chameleon virusRotavirusesMycoplasmaHaemophilus InfluenzaePhase Variation in Helicobacter pylori LipopolysaccharideGenetic Variation in the Pathogenic Neisseria Species Candida AlbicansThe MSG Gene Family and Antigenic Variation in the Fungus P. carinii Trypanosome Antigenic Variation - a heavy investment in the evasion of immunityAntigenic variation in Anaplasma marginale and Ehrlichia (Cowdria) ruminantium Antigenic Variation and its' Significance to Babsesia Antigenic Variation in Plasmodium falciparum and other PlasmodiumSpeciesAntigenic Variation in Borrelia: Relapsing Fever and Lyme BorreliosisSurface Antigenic Variation in Giardia lambliaFree-living and Parasitic Ciliates:The Impact of Antigenic Variation on Pathogen Population Structure, Fitness and Dynamics


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