Anti-Abrasive Nanocoatings book cover

Anti-Abrasive Nanocoatings

Current and Future Applications

This book provides an overview of the fabrication methods for anti-abrasive nanocoatings. The connections among fabrication parameters, the characteristics of nanocoatings and the resulting properties (i.e. nanohardness, toughness, wear rate, load-bearing ability, friction coefficient, and scratch resistance) are discussed. Size-affected mechanical properties of nanocoatings are examined, including their uses. Anti-abrasive nanocoatings, including metallic-, ceramic-, and polymeric-based layers, as well as different kinds of nanostructures, such as multi-layered nanocomposites and thin films, are reviewed.

Hardbound, 250 Pages

Published: September 2014

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-211-3


  • Synthesis and processing of modern nanocoatings; Introduction to new methods for wear protection; Characterization of nanocoatings; Classification of modern methods in surface engineering; Comparison of new methods for anti abrasive nanocoatings; Applications of nanocoatings.


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