Antarctic Fish Biology book cover

Antarctic Fish Biology

Evolution in a Unique Environment

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Published: June 1993

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-228140-2


  • The Antarctic Environment. Past and Present: Physical and Biological Characteristics of the Antarctic Marine Environment.Geologic and Climatic History of Antarctica. The Fossil Fish Faunas.The Modern Fauna: Biology and Relationships: The Modern Fauna: Zoogeography. The Modern Fauna: Taxonomic Composition. The Modern Fauna: Notothenioids. Systematic Relationships of Notothenioids. Zoogeographic Origins and Evolution of the Modern Fauna. Organ System Adaptation in Notothenioids: Biochemistry and Metabolism. Evolutionary Modification of Buoyancy. Anti-Freeze Glycopeptides. Muscular System and Swimming. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems. Nervous System and Special Senses. Final Remarks and Outlook. References. Index.


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