An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets SET book cover

An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets SET

How do financial markets operate on a daily basis? These four volumes introduce the structures, instruments, business functions, technology, regulations, and issues commonly found in financial markets. Placing each of these elements into context, Tee Williams describes what people do to make the markets run. His descriptions apply to all financial markets, and he includes country-specific features, stories, historical facts, glossaries, and brief technical explanations that reveal individual variations and nuances. Detailed visual cues reinforce the author’s insights to guide readers through the material. This book will explain where brokers fit into front office, middle office, and back office operations.

Paperback, 1000 Pages

Published: April 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-384972-4


  • Book One: Market Basics
    Part1: Overview
    Part 2: The Buy side
    Part 3: The Sell side
    Part 4: Supporting facilities

    Book Two: Technology, Networks and Data
    Part 1: Systems
    Part 2: Data
    Part 3: Networks
    Part 4: Processes

    Book Three: Trading, Instruments, and Processes
    Part 1: Investing and Trading
    Part 2: Markets and Marketplaces
    Part 3: Instruments
    Part 4: Processes

    Book Four: Global Markets, Regulation, and Compliance
    Part 1: Global Markets
    Part 2: Risk
    Part 3: Compliance Risk
    Part 4: Regulation
    Part 5: Playing the Game


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