Agricultural Sustainability book cover

Agricultural Sustainability

Progress and Prospects in Crop Research

Collaboratively written by top international experts and established scientists in various fields of agricultural research, this book focuses on the state of food production and sustainability; the problems with degradation of valuable sources of land, water, and air and their effects on food crops; the increasing demand of food resources; and the challenges of food security worldwide. The book provides cutting edge scientific tools and methods of research as well as solid background information that is accessible for those who have a strong interest in agricultural research and development and want to learn more on the challenges facing the global agricultural production systems.


Scientists and Researchers in industry and academia working in the field of agricultural research; Graduate and postgraduate students doing research projects; Policy makers, Administrators, Funding bodies, and Research bodies.

Hardbound, 310 Pages

Published: December 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-404560-6


  • "The book is highly topical given current concerns regarding food security, water security and climate change. The book provides the opportunity to develop a clear understanding of how agriculture needs to meet global food, fibre and energy demands whilst ensuring the maintenance of ecosystems and protection of biodiversity…[it] is a well-written, detailed, concise and informative book that I would recommend to students and colleagues."--Soil Use and Management, October 11, 2013
    "Among specific topics are whether agrobiodiversity is the key to sustainability, the effective management of scarce water resources in northwestern India, biofortifying staple crops, integrating traditional and molecular approaches in breeding virus resistance into cool season food legumes, and lessons from personal experience regarding contract farming for producing and procuring mint."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013


  • Foreword


    Section 1: Agricultural biodiversity, organic farming and new crops

    1. Functional Agrobiodiversity: The Key to Sustainability?

    2. Organic Agriculture - Driving Innovations in Crop Research

    3. Guar-an industrial crop from marginal farms

    Section 2: Effective management of resources (nutrients and water) and crop modelling

    4. Nitrogen use as a component of sustainable crop systems

    5. Potential of Management Practices and Amendments for Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies in Field Crops under Organic Cropping Systems

    6. Effective management of scarce water resources in the North West India

    7. Modelling for Agriculture Sustainability: A Review

    Section 3: Molecular, biotechnological and industrial approaches for enhancement of crop production and quality

    8. Biotechnological approaches for increasing rice productivity and sustainability: Progress and future outlook

    9. Biofortification of staple crops

    10. Nutrient focused processing of rice

    11. Virus Resistance Breeding in Cool Season Food Legumes: Integrating Traditional and Molecular Approaches

    Section 4: Expert advice on policy and developmental aspects

    12. Talking agricultural sustainability issues - an interview with Dr Gurdev Khush

    13. Economics and politics of Farm Subsidies in India

    14. Public-Private Partnership and Policy Reforms for Effective Agricultural Research, Development and Training: A Viewpoint

    15. Contract Farming


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