Advances in Sonochemistry, Volume 5 book cover

Advances in Sonochemistry, Volume 5

This is the fifth volume of Advances in Sonochemistry the first having been published in 1990. The definition of sonochemistry has developed to include not only the ways in which ultrsound has been harnessed to effect chemistry but also its uses in material processing. Subjects included range from chemical dosimetry to ultrasound in microbiology to ultrasound in the extraction of plant materials and in leather technology.

For scientists in the broad field of sonochemistry.

Included in series
Advances in Sonochemistry

Hardbound, 310 Pages

Published: August 1999

Imprint: Jai Press (elsevier)

ISBN: 978-0-7623-0331-1


  • Preface(T.J. Mason).An introduction to sonoluminescence(T. Lepoint, F. Lepoint-Mullie).OH radical formation and dosimetry in the sonolysis of aqueous solutions(C. von Sonntag et al.).Can sonication modify the regio- and stereoselectivities of organic reactions?(J.-L. Luche, P. Cintas).The use of ultrasound in microbiology(S.S. Phull, T.J. Mason).Ultrasonically assisted extraction of bioactivee principles from plants and their constituents(M. Vinatoru et al.). Power ultrasound in leather technology(J.P. Russell, M. Smith).


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