Advances in Plant Pathology, 11

  • John Andrews, University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.
    • Inez Tommerup, CSIRO Centre for Mediterranean Agricultural Research, Perth, Australia


    Researchers, teachers, postgraduate and undergraduate students of plant pathology, biology, and agricultural science.


Book information

  • Published: July 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-033711-8


"The two editors... have both made important and innovative contributions to the subject and together have a breadth of approach that means that what they choose to put before their readers is likely to be of unusual interest or significance."

Table of Contents

A. Hamblin, The Concept of Agricultural Sustainability.W.M. Denevan, Prehistoric Agricultural Methods as Models for Sustainability.S.R. Gliessman, Sustainable Agriculture: An Agroecological Perspective.M.E. Leggett and S.C. Gleddie, Developing Biofertilizer and Biocontrol Agents that Meet Farmers' Expectations.J.K.M. Brown, Pathogens' Responses to the Management of Disease Resistance Genes.A.P. Maloney, Three Sources for Non-chemical Management of Plant Disease: Towards an Ecological Framework.J.K. Scott, Classical Biological Control of Plant Pathogens.R. McSorley and L.W. Duncan, Economic Thresholds and Nematode Management.J.C. Sutton, Evaluation of Micro-organismsfor Biocontrol: Botrytis cinerea and Strawberry, A Case Study.M.A. Altieri, Biodiversity and Biocontrol: Lessons from Insect Pest Management.B.J. Deverall, Plant Protection Using Natural Defence Systems of Plants.C.E. Pankhurst and J.M. Lynch, The Role of Soil Microbiology in Sustainable Intensive Agriculture.J.W. Bentley, J. Castano-Zapata, and K.L. Andrews, World Integrated Pathogen and Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture in the Developing World.P.F. Cannonand D.L. Hawksworth, The Diversity of Fungi Associated with Vascular Plants: the Known, the Unknown and the Need to Bridge the Knowledge Gap.C. Harwood, Adventures of a Rose Pathologist.Subject Index.