Advances in Plant Pathology, 11 book cover

Advances in Plant Pathology, 11

Hardbound, 322 pages

Published: July 1995

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-033711-8


  • "The two editors... have both made important and innovative contributions to the subject and together have a breadth of approach that means that what they choose to put before their readers is likely to be of unusual interest or significance."


  • A. Hamblin, The Concept of Agricultural Sustainability.W.M. Denevan, Prehistoric Agricultural Methods as Models for Sustainability.S.R. Gliessman, Sustainable Agriculture: An Agroecological Perspective.M.E. Leggett and S.C. Gleddie, Developing Biofertilizer and Biocontrol Agents that Meet Farmers' Expectations.J.K.M. Brown, Pathogens' Responses to the Management of Disease Resistance Genes.A.P. Maloney, Three Sources for Non-chemical Management of Plant Disease: Towards an Ecological Framework.J.K. Scott, Classical Biological Control of Plant Pathogens.R. McSorley and L.W. Duncan, Economic Thresholds and Nematode Management.J.C. Sutton, Evaluation of Micro-organismsfor Biocontrol: Botrytis cinerea and Strawberry, A Case Study.M.A. Altieri, Biodiversity and Biocontrol: Lessons from Insect Pest Management.B.J. Deverall, Plant Protection Using Natural Defence Systems of Plants.C.E. Pankhurst and J.M. Lynch, The Role of Soil Microbiology in Sustainable Intensive Agriculture.J.W. Bentley, J. Castano-Zapata, and K.L. Andrews, World Integrated Pathogen and Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture in the Developing World.P.F. Cannonand D.L. Hawksworth, The Diversity of Fungi Associated with Vascular Plants: the Known, the Unknown and the Need to Bridge the Knowledge Gap.C. Harwood, Adventures of a Rose Pathologist.Subject Index.


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