Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, 31 book cover

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, 31

Physical chemists, organic chemists, solid state scientists, and crystallographers.

Hardbound, 416 pages

Published: August 1998

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-033531-2


  • P.D. Beer, P.A. Gale, and Z. Chen, Electrochemical Recognition of Charged and Neutral Guest Species by Redox-Active Receptor Molecules. L. Eberson, Spin Trapping and Electron Transfer. O. Matsson and K.C. Westaway, Secondary Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effects and Transition State Structure. M. Blackburn, Catalytic Antibodies. Author Index. Cumulative Index of Authors. Cumulative Index of Titles.


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