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Advances in Marine Biology

Volume 39 is a standard volume with reviews on three different topics: the effect of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on the Alaskan ecosystem, the reproduction and development of peracarida (abundant marine crustaceans), and remote sensing of the global light-fishing fleet.

Postgraduates and researchers in marine biology, fisheries science, ecology, zoology, and oceanography.

Included in series
Advances in Marine Biology

Hardbound, 319 Pages

Published: October 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-026139-0


  • "Each of these reviews is complete within its topic."
    Praise for the Series, --THE QUARTERLY REVIEW OF BIOLOGY


  • The "Exxon Valdez" Oil Spill in Alaska: Acute, Indirect and Chronic Effects on the Ecosystem, C.H. Peterson.Reproduction and Development of Marine Peracaridans, W.S. Johnson, M. Stevens and L. Watling.Remote Sensing of the Global Light-Fishing Fleet: An Analysis of Interactions with Oceanography, other Fisheries and Predators, P.G. Rodhouse, C.D. Elvidge and P.N. Trathan.Taxonomic Index.Subject Index.


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