Advances in Marine Biology, 25

Volume 25

  • John Blaxter, Dunstaffnage Marine Research Laboratory, Oban, Scotland
    • Bruce Douglas, University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A.


    Marine biologists, ecologists, and zoologists.


Book information

  • Published: January 1989
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-026125-3

Table of Contents

Contributors to Volume 25.K.M. Bailey and E.D. Houde, Predation on Eggs and Larvae of Marine Fishes and the Recruitment Problem.S.V. Boletsky, Recent Studies on Spawning, Embryonic Development, and Hatching in the Cephalopoda.J. Théodoredes, Parasitology of Zooplankton.A.C. Brown, J.M.E Stenton-Dozey, and E.R. Trueman, Sandy-Beach Bivalves and Gastropods: A Comparison between Donax serra and Bullia digitalis.Taxonomic Index.Subject Index.Cumulative Index of Titles.Cumulative Index of Authors.