Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

Series Editor:

  • Steve Taylor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research recognizes the integral relationship between the food and nutritional sciences and brings together outstanding and comprehensive reviews that highlight this relationship. Contributions detail scientific developments in the broad areas of food science and nutrition and are intended to provide those in academia and industry with the latest information on emerging research in these constantly evolving sciences.
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Food scientists in academia and industry and professional nutritionists and dietitians.


Book information

  • Published: August 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-394597-6

Table of Contents

  1. Sparkling Wines: Features and Trends From Tradition
  2. Susana Buxaderas and Elvira López Tamames

  3. Occupational Allergies in Seafood Processing Workers
  4. Mohamed F Jeebhay and Andreas L Lopata

  5. Health Benefits of Algal Polysaccharides in Human Nutrition
  6. Ladislava Mišurcová, Soňa Škrovánková, Dušan Samek, Jarmila Ambrožová, and Ludmila Machů,

  7. Fiber, Protein & Lupin Enriched Foods: Role For Improving Cardiovascular Health
  8. Regina Belski

  9. "Green Preservatives" - Combating Fungi in The Food And Feed Industry By Applying Antifungal Lactic Acid Bacteria

Agata M. Pawlowska, Emanuele Zannini, Aidan Coffey, Elke K. Arendt