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Advances in Catalysis

Since 1948, this serial has sought to fill the gap between the papers that report and the textbooks that teach in the diverse areas of catalysis research. The editors of and contributors to Advances in Catalysis are dedicated to recording progress in this area. Each volume of Advances in Catalysis contains articles covering a subject of broad interest.

Industrial and academic chemists in the field of catalysis; graduate students, libraries.

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Advances in Catalysis


Published: November 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-007840-0


  • Specific scientific merit and a wealth of information make the book extremely valuable, like other volumes in the series.


  • H.H. Kung, Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Light (C2 to C6) Alkanes. I. Mochida and K. Sakanishi, Catalysis in Coal Liquefaction. H. Wendt, S. Rausch, and T. Borucinski, Advances in Applied Electrocatalysis. R.R. Chianelli, M. Daage, and M.J. Ledoux, Fundamental Studies of Transition-Metal Sulfide Catalytic Materials. Y. Moro-oka and W. Ueda, Multicomponent Bismuth Molybdate Catalyst: A Highly Functionalized Catalyst System for the Selective Oxidationof Olefin. References. Subject Index.


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