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Advances in Cancer Research

The Advances in Cancer Research series provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research. This volume presents outstanding and original reviews on a variety of topics, including cancer cell migration and invasion, human tumor suppressors, FAK expression, adhesion proteins, homeobox genes in cancer development, glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis, histocompatibility antigens in tumors, NKT cells, chronic immune activation, and cancer cells and leukocytes.

Researchers and students in the basic and clinical science of cancer biology and oncology, plus related areas in genetics, immunology, pharmacology, cell biology and molecular biology.

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Advances in Cancer Research


Published: November 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374359-6


  • Praise for the Serial: "This classic and essential series presents critical overviews on select aspects of both cancer research and the basic underlying sciences." -- American Scientist "Excellent, highly informative, in-depth reviews...expertly written, up-to-date, and well-referenced." -- Journal of Medicinal Chemistry "This is a series that has a long tradition of excellence in the field of cancer biology." -- Doody's Publishing Reviews


  • Chapter 1Contribution of AZAP Type Arf GAPs to Cancer Cell Migration and InvasionVi Luan Ha, Ruibai Luo, Zhongzhen Nie and Paul A. RandazzoChapter 2Role and Regulation of Human Tumor Suppressor SUFU in Hedgehog SignalingSteven Y. Cheng and Shen YueChapter 3FAK Expression: Regulation and Therapeutic PotentialShufeng Li and Zi-Chun HuaChapter 4Adhesion Proteins Meet Receptors: A Common Theme?Véronique Orian-Rousseau and Helmut PontaChapter 5The Six Family of Homeobox Genes in Development and CancerKimberly L. Christensen, Aaron N. Patrick, Erica L. McCoy and Heide L. FordChapter 6Mechanisms Regulating the Susceptibility of Hematopoietic Malignancies to Glucocorticoid-Induced ApoptosisRonit Vogt Sionov, Rachel Spokoini, Shlomit Kfir-Erenfeld, Orly Cohen and Eitan YefenofChapter 7IFN Inducibility of Major Histocompatibility Antigens in TumorsBarbara Seliger, Francisco Ruiz-Cabello and Federico GarridoChapter 8The Role of NKT Cells in Tumor ImmunityMasaki Terabe and Jay A. BerzofskyChapter 9HIV Induced AIDS and Related Cancers: Chronic Immune Activation and Future Therapeutic StrategiesMartin Cadogan and Angus G. DalgleishChapter 10The Cancer Cell-Leukocyte Fusion Theory of MetastasisJohn M. Pawelek and Ashok K. Chakraborty


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