Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy book cover

Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy

Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy provides detailed and comprehensive coverage of these important therapeutic agents. The topics covered in this book range from the basic biology of adenoviruses, through the construction and purification of adenoviral vectors, cutting-edge vectorology and the use of adenoviral vectors in preclinical animal models, to regulatory issues which must be considered prior to the initiation of human clinical gene therapy trials. The broad scope of this unique volume provides the reader with a complete understanding of the development and use of adenoviral vectors.

Pre- and postdoctoral trainees and clinical researchers in gene therapy.

Hardbound, 890 Pages

Published: May 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-199504-1


  • "This is a well organized collection of reviews written by authorities in the field that covers key aspects in the use of adenovirus as a gene transfer vehicle. The complete coverage of so many different aspects of adenovirus vector biology will be invaluable to scientists beginning or well established in this rapidly changing field." --DOODY'S (March 2003)


  • Adenovirus StructureBiology of Adenovirus Cell EntryAdenovirus ReplicationAdenoviral Vector Construction I: Mammalian SystemsAdenoviral Vector Construction II: Bacterial SystemsPropagation of Adenoviral Vectors: Use of PER.C6 CellsPurification of AdenovirusTargeted Adenoviral Vectors I: Transductional TargetingTargeted Adenoviral Vectors II: Transcriptional TargetingDevelopment of Attenuated Replication Competent Adenoviruses ARCAs) for the treatment of Prostate CancerReplication-Selective Oncolytic Adenovirus EI-Region Mutants: Virotherapy for CancerInnate Immune Responses to in Vivo Adenovirus InfectionHumoral Immune ResponseNovel Methods to Eliminate the Immune Response to Adenovirus Gene TherapyHigh-Capacity "Gutless" Adenoviral Vectors: Technical Aspects and ApplicationsXenogenic Adenoviral VectorsHybrid Adenoviral VectorsUtility of Adenoviral Vectors in Animal Models of Human Disease I: CancerUtiltity of Adenoviral Vectors in Animal Models of Human Disease II: Genetic DiseaseUtility of Adenoviral Vectors in Animal Models of Human Disease III: Acquired DiseasesTesting of Adenoviral Vector Gene Transfer Products: FDA ExpectationsImaging Adenovirus-Medicated Gene Transfer


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