A Textbook of Perioperative Care book cover

A Textbook of Perioperative Care

Woodhead and Wicker's new text will be the foremost reference source for all perioperative practitioners. The content mirrors the dynamics of modern perioperative practice by focusing on surgical interventions in all the environments in which it is currently practised, including A&E departments, general practice clinics, intensive care units, and at the site of serious accidents. Theatre practice is becoming increasingly specialist; this book does not attempt to to reflect the needs of all specialties, but instead concentrates on the principles of practice, applicable to any setting and any specialty. It has a very practical focus - it aims to be the book that nurses and ODPs reach for in order to answer their practical questions - but is not be procedure-driven. Instead, it sets out the principles of perioperative practice, from which practitioners will be able to develop their own practice techniques.

Paperback, 456 Pages

Published: May 2005

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07285-7


  • Accountability and professional practice. Ethical dimensions of perioperative practice. Risk management.Leadership and teamwork. Assuring quality services. Information management. Infection control principles.Decontamination of re-usable medical devices. Research and development. Patient assessment. Care of the patient undergoing anaesthesia. Care of the patient undergoing surgery.Care of the post-anaesthetic patient. Day surgery. Surgery in the community. Surgery in specialised settings. Emergency surgery. Care of children and adolescents.Care of obstetric patients. Care of the elderly in theatre .Care of patients with serious or multi-systemdisease. Care of patients who have highly infections disease.Care of patients who are immunocompromised. Care of patients with mental health needs. Care of patients undergoing transplantation.


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