A Short Course in Cloud Physics book cover

A Short Course in Cloud Physics

Covers essential parts of cloud and precipitation physics and has been extensively rewritten with over 60 new illustrations and many new and up to date references. Many current topics are covered such as mesoscale meteorology, radar cloud studies and numerical cloud modelling, and topics from the second edition, such as severe storms, precipitation processes and large scale aspects of cloud physics, have been revised. Problems are included as examples and to supplement the text.

For graduate students and upperlevel undergraduates in cloud physics and physical meteorology

Paperback, 304 Pages

Published: January 1989

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-3215-7


  • 'I strongly endorse its use as a text book for Undergraduate Seniors and beginning Graduate Students' Dr V K Saxena, Professor of Meteorology NC State University, USA


  • Thermodynamics of dry air; Water vapor and its thermodynamic effects; Parcel buoyancy and atmospheric stability; Mixing and convection; Observed properties of clouds; Formation of cloud droplets; Droplet growth by condensation; Initiation of rain in nonfreezing clouds; Formation and growth of ice crystals; Rain and snow; Weather radar; Precipitation processes; Severe storm and hail; Weather modification; Numerical cloud models; References; Appendix; Answers to selected problems; Index


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