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Strengthen new grad nurse readiness through virtual reality simulation

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63% of new graduate nurses report not being ready for practice.1 The widening experience complexity gap is increasing the challenges they face. It’s impacting everything from patient care to HCAHPS scores to your bottom line.

Provide your novice nurses with the support they need to succeed in their new role. Shadow Health is a cutting-edge, simulation based learning environment designed to help new nurses strengthen clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication skills in a safe space.

Shadow Health helps you educate new nurses through:

  • realistic encounters with a diverse collection of virtual patients complete with rich personal and medical histories

  • realistic, free flowing conversations to improve patient interactions and data collection skills (shifting from promoted dialogue)

  • detailed assessment reports to tailor guidance and support

The importance of effective communication in nursing and clinical reasoning is critical as it can directly impact outcomes. 50% of new graduate nurses said they would not recognize life-threatening complications.2 Help your nurses learn to strategically ask different types of questions, more clearly phrase questions, and address the whole of the patient's family and cultural experiences.

56% of new graduate nurses lack confidence in their abilities.3

Help improve their confidence and competence through virtual patient simulation for learning and assessment with Shadow Health.

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2 Spector, N., Blegen, M.A., Silvestre, J., Barnsteiner, J., Lynn, M.R., Ulrich, B., Fogg, L., & Alexander, M. 2015). Transition to practice in hospital settings. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 5(4), 24-38

3 Pulse on the Nation’s Nurses COVID-19 Survey Series: Mental Health and Wellness, American Nurses Association, July 2020