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Make the most of your Reaxys investment

We created an easy-to-use toolkit to ensure that your users have the resources they need to get the most from your investment in Reaxys.

Get started today with promotional assets that help you:

  • Build greater awareness of Reaxys and how its content and customized features benefit users

  • Educate users on Reaxys’s continually improving features, where to find them, and how to use them

  • Deliver maximum value to your institution.

Tools aligned to library goals

Promotional flyer

Print, email, or digitally share on the web, social media, or otherwise.

Download for print(S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

Download for web(S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

Promotional flyer

Library loop

Add this continuously looping animated presentation to a screen in the Library.

Download(S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

Library loop


Add this to internal presentations, trainings, or other content assets, as needed.

Download(S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

Reaxys logo

Email template

Send this out to your user base; customize with your university logo. Available in HTML and Word.

Download(S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

RX email template

User onboarding and support

Training deck

Use this for 1:1 or group training sessions. Feel free to customize to your users’ needs.

Download(S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

RX Training deck