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Critical Thinking Skills For Nurses In The Age Of Healthcare Technology

2 avril 2024

Par Laís Junqueira, Tim Morris

Three nurses walking and one is on a tablet

Technology has revolutionised nursing practice and healthcare systems. Whether it’s the increased delivery of virtual care, the connectivity of patient records, or the implementation of personalised treatment plans, these digital innovations continue to redefine the field. However, amidst this transformation, vital elements of nursing practice have remained unchanged.

It is important to recognize that these evolving models often overlook key decision makers within the system and the crucial clinical decision-making aspect of their development. As new models of care delivery including telehealth and virtual wards become the norm, it is vital that all healthcare professionals are engaged in their development, in order to maintain the relationship between care providers and their patients.

While new technologies and care delivery models have emerged, many clinicians, nurses, and allied health professionals continue to rely on traditional processes that remain effective and part of the normal practice, such as nursing triage and care planning documentation. As the healthcare field advances, there is an opportunity and responsibility to support these well-established practices alongside new innovations. By thoughtfully integrating both the old and the new, we can leverage technology to augment rather than replace the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.

Critical Thinking Skills For Nurses In The Age Of Healthcare Technology

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