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Text and data mining

As a publisher, we believe it is our job to help meet the needs of researchers and we are committed to reducing the barriers to mining content. We actively collaborate with researchers and institutes to facilitate text and data mining by enabling access and by developing our platforms, tools and services to support researchers.

Elsevier's policy

We have adopted a license-based approach that automatically enables researchers at subscribing institutions to text mine for non-commercial research purposes and to gain access to full-text content in XML for this purpose.

Researchers are able to obtain an API key via our developers portalS’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre, which will require them to self-registerS’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre before receiving a personal API key. Please find FAQs about our policy.

In addition to supporting researchers at subscribing institutions to text mine, our policy also allows the following:

  • Open access content: Everyone can download open access content to mine via our Full Text API, in line with the individual article's user license

  • Non-subscriber access for TDM purposes: Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, and can be made by emailing via Permission HelpdeskS’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre

  • Corporate and other subscribers: Please contact your Elsevier Account Manager to find out more about our text mining products and services

  • Search & Discovery partners: We invite you to work with us so that you can provide users of your application with relevant results and recommendations for ScienceDirect journal articles and book chapters

  • Other requests: We are always happy to support and accommodate researchers who have specific text mining needs, please email requests via Permission HelpdeskS’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre

Access to the API

We are committed to streamlining the administrative process for mining and have created a self-service developer's portal to enable researchers to easily gain access to our APIs for a multitude of user cases, including TDM.

All researchers at subscribing institutions can download articles to text mine for non-commercial research purposes via our Full Text API. The registration for the API is quick and simple, go to our developers portalS’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre for further details.

Mining open access content

Open access content may be downloaded directly from our API by either:


  • Using the DOI retrieval function:[DOI] which your automated script can run on:

    • This option can be used without registration and without having to obtain or use an API key (i.e., no self-registration is necessary for this option).

Please note: Reuse of open access content is determined by the article's user license. In some cases, the reuse will be broader than otherwise specified as part of our policy.


Elsevier's approach and policy on text and data mining is a reflection of our ongoing collaboration within the research community. We encourage anyone with feedback and ideas to contact us via Permission HelpdeskS’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre.