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Central and Eastern Europe Customer Hub

To support academic and research-focused professionals, the Central and Eastern Europe Customer Hub features a calendar of upcoming live presentations and a library of on-demand webinars, ranging in topics from ScienceDirect search tips to assessing research impacts on society.


Improve your research work, library work and get new insights from research information arena in many languages.

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Follow your country page for local webinars:

Upcoming webinars

Professional Development Webinars

ScienceDirect - straight to the point, or how to search scientific literature in a full-text database(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 14/11/2023 Time: 10:00

Learn how to search for scientific literature using simple and advanced search on the ScienceDirect platform. Discover tips and tricks for researchers and get better results.

Elevating University Visibility: Harnessing the Power of Elsevier RI Solutions (Scopus, SciVal, etc.)(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 28/11/2023 Time: 10:00

With increased competition in academia, there is a critical need to build and increase the visibility of universities. In our webinar, you will learn how solutions such as Scopus and SciVal enable institutions to strategically position themselves on the global stage.

Search, identify, organize literature with Scopus.(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 12/12/2023 Time: 10:00

Techniques for conducting comprehensive literature searches, identifying relevant sources, and organizing research findings.

Elsevier Author Workshops Camp

Strategies for publishing success with The Lancet(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 20/11/2023

Whether you are an existing Lancet author or are thinking of submitting to The Lancet Group of journals for the first time, we are committed to supporting you on whatever stage of the journey you find yourself.

Purpose in publishing(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 21/11/2023 Time: 10:00

Science’s goals are to extend the understanding of societal problems and propose solutions to them. In this presentation our editors explain what Elsevier Books is doing to drive change and publish content that supports a sustainable world.

Open Access at Elsevier - a guide for authors (opens in new tab/window)

Date: 22/11/2023 Time: 10:00

Learn more about Open Access policies, publishing models, licenses and more during one session dedicated for authors

What are predatory journals? Which Scopus processes can be used to avoid predatory journals?(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 23/11/2023 Time: 10:00

What are predatory journals and how can we identify them? Why is it important to publish in high-quality journals? We'll find answers to all of these questions in this upcoming webinar.

Sharing your publications with others; pre-prints; use of social media to increase visibility(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 24/11/2023 Time: 10:00

First, we'll recap on journal selection, then learn about rights & permissions to share your articles. We'll also talk about how to leverage Social Media for better visibility.

Research Intelligence 2023 Winter Camp

CEE Journal's story - a bumpy way to success(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 13/12/2023 Time: 10:00

Pillars of bibliometric analysis: metrics, entities, and meaningful questions(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 14/12/2023 Time: 10:00

Explore impactful bibliometric analysis in 'Pillars of Bibliometric Analysis' webinar, covering metrics, entities, and strategic questioning for effective research evaluation.

Global rankings from the perspective of bibliometric data & analytical solutions. QS & THE under the magnifier(opens in new tab/window)

Date: 15/12/2023 Time: 10:00

Recorded webinars (conducted in English)

Fundamental research: ScienceDirect, Cell Press and Ebooks

Medicine and chemistry solutions: ClinicalKey | Embase | Reaxys & Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Engineering solutions: Knovel, Engineering Village

Research evaluation and management: SciVal | Scopus



Research publishing

Journal publishing & institutional repository (Digital Commons)

Remote access

Open science


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