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Are you a chemistry enthusiast? Co-create a unique network of Reaxys Advisors – power users from all fields of chemistry. By becoming a Reaxys Advisor, you can accelerate your career and contribute to your colleagues’ research efficiency.


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Who are Reaxys advisors?

They are chemistry enthusiasts and Reaxys power users. Reaxys Advisors help their peers in the research community by sharing knowledge on how Reaxys can help them take the shortest path from their chemistry question to a relevant answer and make their research more efficient. Advisors are proactive in organizing one-on-one discussions, small workshops and other outreach activities – and enjoying rewards for doing so.

As a Reaxys Advisor, you’ll get visibility for you and your work, plus access to additional Elsevier resources, including Elsevier books. You’ll be connected with Reaxys Mentors, developers and other enthusiasts and more!

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Are you a PhD student or post-doc in any field in chemistry, active in research and presenting at conferences? Apply through our two-step process:

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Get the most of being an advisor

Becoming a Reaxys Advisor can help accelerate your career. You will be in the spotlight at your institution and in the chemistry arena in your country. The best Advisors will get premier resources and free access to conferences and meet interesting senior figures in chemistry. You may even succeed in working at Elsevier!