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Reaxys Synthesis Planner removes the time-consuming aspects of investigating the possibilities for synthesizing a substance. It enables users to instantly generate multiple, alternative synthesis pathways for compounds of interest based on information published in peer-reviewed literature.

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Reaxys Synthesis Planner - Synthesis, Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

See all the synthesis possibilities for a substance with one click

Image - Reaxys Synthesis Planner - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Reaxys AutoPlan generates multiple synthesis pathways.

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Synthesis Planner includes links to the eMolecules, Biovia ACD and PerkinElmer ChemACX databases to ensure that all the information about the reagents, catalysts and products is available in one place — including the best options for buying compounds for better-informed synthesize-or-purchase decisions.

How Synthesis Planner works

Reaction records in Reaxys are indexed by specific reactions, and different reports of an individual reaction from different original documents appear in one complete reaction record. This unique structure provides opportunities for the synthetic chemist to answer not just the question: How is the substance made? , but also to answer the more important question: Considering all preparations of the substance and, in turn, all preparations of all the possible intermediates.

How Synthesis Planner works - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Synthesis Planner automatically provides the answers you need.

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Optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for API production

Optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for
API production - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

So much data on pharmaceutical synthesis is available that it can be very challenging to find relevant information, especially when it's buried in longer texts. Dr. Anders Lohse of NCK is very happy with the data and answers that Reaxys quickly delivers for their work on planning and optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for pharmaceutical ingredients.
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Finding real-time solutions for critical purchase or synthesize decisions

Finding real-time solutions for critical purchase or
synthesize decisions - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

According to Dr. Takashi Nakai of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Reaxys provides unique services in the form of extracted property and reaction data, possibilities to look at chemical information from a biological point of view, and links to eMolecules with purchase information. See how that benefits his workflow in this interview.
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