The shortest path to chemistry data for successful drug discovery and development

Validating lead candidates to increase preclinical and clinical trial success requires fast access to relevant chemical reactions and bioactivity data. Success requires tools that help you realize the potential of data-driven drug discovery and development.

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Real-time solutions for challenges in pharmaceutical development

Reaxys helps pharmaceutical companies drive successful early drug discovery by helping chemists retrieve relevant literature, precise compound properties and chemical reaction data twice as fast as any other solution.

With powerful search options, expertly curated databases and tools to support in silico profiling, Reaxys helps chemists:

In these interviews, see how expert chemists involved in drug discovery and development leverage Reaxys to improve their workflows.

Pharmaceutical R&D



Building a one-stop platform for chemistry information

When Lundbeck needed a single cheminformatics platform to integrate internal and external data with content from commercial databases, they turned to Reaxys.

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WuXi AppTec

Solving chemoinformatics challenges with Reaxys

How to best leverage the huge amount of chemical synthesis data available to scientists? Dr. Rujian Ma and Dr. Wenzhong Gao discuss how Reaxys helps over 5,000 chemists at WuXi AppTec deal with chemoinformatics challenges and excel in their work.
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Ascentage Pharma

Finding data for small molecule targeted therapeutics

See how an early drug discovery team at a world-leading pharmaceutical company gets the high-quality, comparable data they need for success.
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Solution Story: Merging systems biology & chemistry to streamline the quest for natural, active agents

Oriflame Skin Research Institute

Merging biology & chemistry to streamline search

Oriflame scientists turned to Pathway Studio and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry to find new targets and active natural ingredients quickly.

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Optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for API production

According to Dr. Anders Lohse, NCK, Reaxys quickly delivers data for optimizing reaction conditions, and synthesis routes for pharmaceutical ingredients.
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Finding the optimal synthesis route to produce a pharmaceutical substance

Dr. Tommi Meulemans of Mercachem explains how using Reaxys helped find the right method for a compound his team was working on.
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Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Finding the answers about compound synthesis and availability

According to Dr. Takahashi Nakai of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Reaxys provides unique services, including extracted property and reaction data, and links to eMolecules.
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Winning a contract for a proof-of-concept study with experimental facts

Dr. Jan Haller of Novasep describes how Reaxys' rapid search workflows helped his team develop a winning synthesis route.
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Successful data-driven profiling of compound behavior

It's a breakthrough way of developing new drugs, but it requires enormous amounts of clean, accurate data. Find out how Reaxys delivers.
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Hager Biosciences

Developing highly sought-after lead compounds for unmet medical needs

Hager Biosciences needed reliable access to accurate medicinal chemistry and synthesis data. Reaxys was perfect for their needs.
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Epigen Biosciences

Understanding structure–activity relationships and synthesis routes

Epigen Biosciences' cofounder and COO Dr. Fabio Tucci chose Reaxys because it saves time and helps avoid unnecessary optimization steps.
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Seoul National University

Finding the synthesis data you need fast

Seoul National University research chemist Hong-Rae Kim explains why he relies on Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry to find the best ways to synthesize nucleosides — and then explore all of their reactions — in less time.
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