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Reaxys supports the patent analysts for chemical R&D

According to Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations at Hikal Ltd., many researchers don't realize that Reaxys is an excellent resource for patent analysts. Calling it one of the best solutions for patent classification searches, he praises Reaxys for delivering compiled information quickly, saving his team from having to read full patents non-productively.

Interview with Head of IP at Hikal Ltd., Amit Kumar Tiwari


The patent analyst teams of chemical manufacturers require relevant, authentic data quickly to be able to make decisions about intellectual property. They are always in danger of being overloaded with information. It takes considerable time to find the right facts in a patent, which may be very long and contain tens or even hundreds of chemicals. It is essential to have the tools to identify whether a patent contains information of interest before reading it.


Amit Kumar Tiwari is the Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations at Hikal Ltd. He finds Reaxys to be extremely useful for his team's patent searching strategy. Because it retrieves known experimental properties and procedures, they can quickly find answers without reading the whole document. In addition, they can use Reaxys to find where mentions of a particular compound are located in a document if they need to read more of the context. They also appreciate its breadth of content: it has world, European, Asian and North American patent office coverage.

Interview with Amit Kumar Tiwari of Hikal Ltd. - Reaxys

Reaxys is an extremely useful element of our patent searching strategy.

Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations at Hikal Ltd.


Dr. Witte is very satisfied with Reaxys, saying that it saves them considerable time. Rather than delivering a list of literature, Reaxys provides a detailed overview of the search results and precise extracted data. He greatly appreciates the search features that make it easy to find the data he needs, especially when it comes to finding data about heterogenous catalysts and their preparation.

Heterogeneous catalysts can’t be described by a simple formula. The possibility to search by reaction and find catalysts is a great advantage.

Dr. Peter Witte, Research Chemist at BASF

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