Chemistry project management at Key Organics

Rapid access to relevant data helps agile chemistry companies put their customers’ needs center stage

The researchers at Key Organics greatly appreciate the flexibility of Reaxys, feeling that it is a much better fit to their workflows than their previous chemistry research solution.

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The company has been delivering stock and custom chemistry to businesses and research institutions for almost 30 years, and they recognize that Reaxys keeps pace with the time and information demands that they face.


The scientists at Key Organics are always trying to anticipate customer needs and find ways to meet them. Based on ongoing discussions with customers, they evaluate their product portfolio to identify gaps and ensure that they can provide the necessary products.

This requires a highly agile approach to chemistry, which means they need flexible tools, including information solutions. A major issue for them in the past has been the amount of time involved in finding the data they need.


Reaxys proved to be much faster than their previous chemistry research solution. The scientists at Key Organics now use Reaxys to explore new ideas, examine the chemistry published in patents and primary literature, plan compound synthesis and support the generation of analytical data. They appreciate the flexibility of the system and the speed with which they can get answers to questions.

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Speed and relevance are crucial to our operations. Reaxys lets us get things done.

Dr. Jody Ali, Key Organics


Reaxys helps Key Organics to serve competitive and dynamic markets where orders from customers are getting more precise with immediate, strictly defined outcomes. With its fast and accurate query construction, cross-disciplinary literature profile and delivery of highly granular experimental and property data, Reaxys has already proven to be the right fit for the company’s needs.

Gary Lyons' quotation - Reaxys, Customer stories | Elsevier

We have to use flexible tools that allow us to place a customer’s needs at the center and work out answers that move their work forward. Among those tools is Reaxys.

Gary Lyons, Key Organics