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In the intensely competitive chemicals industry, high-quality data on substance properties and reactions is not enough. The pressures of shifting regulations, market needs and customer expectations are constant hurdles. Projects must not only perform in the lab but also prove their worth in ROI and financial risk analyses.

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How Reaxys helps speed products to market

By quickly delivering a cross-disciplinary view of actionable, real-world data on chemical substance properties, reactions and synthesis, Reaxys helps chemists assess every stage of their work and get from concept to market successfully with minimum financial risk.

From project evaluation through experimental procedure design to scale-up, Reaxys accompanies chemistry researchers with relevant information that directs them toward optimal choices, guaranteeing the best chance of success.

With powerful search options, expertly curated databases and supportive tools, Reaxys ensures chemists can achieve more with:

  • Information from a wide range of sources indexed using terms from 6 major taxonomies, providing a uniquely cross-disciplinary perspective
  • A highly intuitive interface for quick searches and complex query building that’s proven to cut search times by up to 50% so chemists can spend more time in the lab
  • Straightforward integration of Reaxys data into existing informatics workflows, facilitating analytics, modeling and sharing

In these interviews, see how expert chemists involved in drug discovery and development leverage Reaxys to improve their workflows.

Chemical R&D

Jubilant Chemsys Ltd.

Driving sustainability in synthetic chemistry

The Director of Chemistry at Jubilant Chemsys explains how Reaxys helps his team overcome challenges in finding novel, sustainable synthetic pathways.
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Major adhesives company

Expanding business offerings to the oil and gas industry

This lead chemist explains how his research team was able to quickly reach a breakthrough by researching with Reaxys.
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Contract research organization

Reducing R&D timelines by quickly identifying potential solutions

The team at this CRO was able to break into a new area of chemistry using Reaxys — while cutting time and costs.
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Start-up company

Finding the best way to conduct research lab work with sodium metal

The team at this start-up was able to break into a new area of chemistry using Reaxys — while cutting time and costs.
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Saving time with relevant data for chemical R&D decisions

Dr. Peter Witte of BASF reveals how Reaxys helps in the discovery and development of his team's work on catalysts.
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Delivering relevant data to improve patent analyst workflows

According to Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations at Hikal, Reaxys is one of the best solutions for patent classification searches.
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Chemical Information Services

Accelerate research with accurate manufacturer information

CEO of Chemical Information Services Ernie Cote explains how his research team convinced him to subscribe to Reaxys as their source of synthesis and property data.
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Solid-chem GmbH

Improving the efficiency of searches to advance scientific work

Dr. Carsten Schauerte, managing director of solid-chem GmbH, trialed Reaxys to see if it could help save time and advance his work.
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Accelerating research to win more chemical R&D contracts

Answering compound synthesis requests requires quick access to accurate data. Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari of PR euroCHEM explains why he uses Reaxys for his projects.
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Improving R&D workflows with high-quality and relevant information

Dr. John Parks, Albemarle, relies on Reaxys to deal with a broad range of requests for compound synthesis in less time than alternative options.
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Yoyulabo Co., Ltd.

Finding an efficient method to search for synthetic reactions and physical properties

The team at Yoyulabo Co., Ltd explains how much faster and more efficiently they can work when using Reaxys.
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Intro image of 'Chemistry project management at Key Organics

Key Organics

Researchers at Key Organics need easy access to high-quality chemistry data so they can deliver superior stock and custom compounds. Learn how Reaxys works for them.
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