Real chemists talk about their experiences with Reaxys

Real chemists talk about their experiences with Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Reaxys empowers the chemistry research of hundreds of organizations, including world leaders in pharmaceutical and chemical development and manufacturing. Reaxys is also an integral part of chemistry research and education at leading academic institutions.

How Reaxys helps researchers

We innovate by listening and learning from customers. Because we share the same goals as our customers, we ensure that Reaxys delivers the greatest value in increasingly complex and competitive industries.

In these interviews, researchers involved in industry and academics share their experiences, focusing on how Reaxys helped them solve key challenges in their work. Read interviews with scientists involved in:

Drug discovery and development |Elsevier Solutions

Drug discovery and development

Researchers at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes discuss how the property and reaction data in Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry has supported their drug development workflows.
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Chemical development and manufacturing |Elsevier Solutions

Chemical development and manufacturing

Literature and physicochemical property and reaction data from Reaxys is used in chemistry workflows at major chemicals companies, R&D start-ups, patent analytics groups and more. These chemists talk about how Reaxys has supported their decisions.
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Education and research |Elsevier Solutions

Education and research

At universities worldwide, chemistry professors are recognizing the importance of an early introduction to chemistry research solutions for their students. See when and how they teach their students to use Reaxys.
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Featured customer story

Designing therapeutics that treat disease by restoring normal circadian clock function

Reset Therapeutics is a discovery-stage biopharma  company developing first-in-class approaches to treating  diseases by restoring the body’s natural 24-hour, or  circadian, rhythms. As a participant of Elsevier's Hive  project, they use Reaxys to drive their work forward. Watch the video.

New to Reaxys?

Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help chemists retrieve relevant literature, patent information, valid compound properties and experimental procedures in half the time.
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