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ClinicalKey Application

ClinicalKey Application

With medical schools closing once again, first and second year students in India are left without the directed structure of in person teaching.

A reduced number of Educators are struggling with switching back to online teaching and how to engage with students via virtual and remote learning.

As a provider of world-class content and innovative teaching and learning technology, we are ideally placed to help bridge any remote learning gaps and guide educators and students with a more structured learning approach.

How can we help?

  • 3 months student and educator access to ClinicalKey Student

  • 3 months student and educator access to Complete Anatomy

  • A guided learning path for Anatomy students mapped to curriculum competencies

  • A ready recorded dissection lecture guide for educators

To start using our helpful resources, register here and fill in the simple form.

What happens next:

  1. Check your email

  2. Redeem your access codes and activate your access to Complete Anatomy & ClinicalKey Student

  3. Access FREE supporting resources on Elsevier | India COVID-19 Healthcare Hub | Clinician resources for novel coronavirus to enhance your teaching learning journey. Hub will now become the access point for all of our free valuable learning content such as curated Clinical Cases, COVID-19 information, masterclasses, skills videos, wellbeing and study tips, and many more in coming months

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