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Rigorous standards and quality journals across the board.

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You want quality? We’ve got it.

At Elsevier, our goal is to help you find the best home for your research, to ensure that it is the best it can be, and to help you share it with the world.

We recognize that access to high quality research is vital to the scientific community and beyond. Our role is to help you advance essential knowledge, save lives, and improve the way we all live. As part of this mission, we work to provide a richer author publishing experience, along with innovative tools and resources, quality journals and open access publishing options.

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Rigorous peer review

When you publish open access with Elsevier, we want to help you at every step of the way to make sure you’re publishing the best work possible. As the very foundation of the scientific validation process, rigorous peer review remains at the core of our approach, so whichever open access journal you choose, you can rely on the same high standards you always get from our expert editors and reviewers.

Our passion for excellence goes some way towards explaining how more than 99% of the Nobel Laureates in science and economics have published in Elsevier journals since 2000 (many have also served as editors and on our Editorial Boards, of course).

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Elsevier Research Academy

Helping authors excel

When you publish with Elsevier, you can expect a helping hand at every stage of your publication journey - even before you begin writing. With the Elsevier Researcher Academyopens in new tab/window, we provide early career researchers with a wealth of free-to-use resources on a variety of topics (including open accessopens in new tab/window) and in varous formats. Many come with certificates to recognize your learning efforts. The Researcher Academy also caters for referees with its Certified Peer Review courseopens in new tab/window. Co-created, developed and in part delivered by senior academic editors on leading journals, the course has been specifically designed to give those who have not yet reviewed – or who feel they would like additional training in this area – the skills and confidence to accept a request to review.

Quality journals

From agriculture to psychology, nursing to biochemistry, our extensive body of open access journals spans numerous specialties and tiers of impact.

What's more, our long-standing reputation for rigorous peer-reviewed research means you’re guaranteed a quality publication, whichever open access home you choose for your article.

In 2021, Elsevier’s articles accounted for 18% of global research output and attracted a much higher share of citations, at approximately 28%.

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Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality remains solid: we care passionately about publishing high quality content and offering a broad range of publication options to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the scientific research community. Choosing to publish open access with Elsevier means that millions of researchers around the world have immediate, direct access to your article. Every year, more and more authors choose to publish open access with us.

Over 2,700 of our journals offer the option to publish open access. You have many options when it comes to publishing open access with us. What’s more, our journals benefit from being indexed by leading portals such as Scopus, DOAJ, Web of Science and PubMed Central as well as supporting industry initiatives such as ORCIDopens in new tab/window, Crossref, and CHORUS to help maintain your publication record.

Discover the benefits you’ll enjoy when publishing open access with Elsevier

  • High visibility

  • Proven trust

  • Top quality

  • Powerful innovation

  • Wide choice