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Unlocking the power of Scopus

A webinar series


Join us in this series of webinars to interact with leaders from academia and our Elsevier experts to learn how Scopus can boost your researcher journey. The comprehensive data available on Scopus will lead you into a world of scholarly insights, which will help building stronger publications and ranking.


Understanding the importance of Scopus profiles and it's underlying role in ranking

This is the first webinar of the series. This session will highlight why author and institutional profile hygiene is important from University perspective and how it affects ranking. Join our expert, Dr Rama Patnaik , IIM Bangalore to learn from her vast knowledge and experience.

Further our Elsevier colleague, Dr Nitin Ghoshal will help you navigate the network of profiles on Scopus and share tips on profile corrections.

26th June 2024 | 3-4pm IST

Effective methods of Literature review on Scopus

This is the second webinar of the Scopus series. This session will highlight the importance of an exhaustive Literature review especially in the light of interdisciplinary research. Join our expert, Dr TS Kumbar, IIT Gandhinagar to learn from his vast knowledge and experience.

Further our Elsevier colleague, Ms Aishwarya Nayal will share tips and tricks for a comprehensive literature discovery on Scopus.

18th July 2024 | 3-4pm IST

Navigating Scopus metrics to select journal for publication

This is the third webinar of the series. This session will help the researchers understand the various metrics associated with Journal evaluation and their importance in today's world including University ranking. Join our experts to learn the details on all Scopus metrics and how these insights help in journal selection for publication.

26th Aug 2024 | 3-4pm IST

Introducing Scopus AI for researchers

This is the fourth webinar of the series. This session will introduce the user to the world of Scopus AI. Meet our expert bibliometrician, Dr Sheeba Pakkan, JSS AHER Mysore who will showcase how Scopus AI will provide an edge to your research. Our Elsevier colleague, Dr Shubhra Dutta will further elucidate the technology behind Scopus AI.

18th Sept 2024 | 3-4pm IST

The world of Scopus APIs

This is the fifth webinar of the series. This session will help you navigate the vast world of Scopus APIs. Meet our expert, Dr Nabi Hasan, IIT Delhi on how they effectively use APIs at their organization.. Our Elsevier expert will guide you through the API features available for researchers and institutions and their myriad use cases.

16th Oct 2024 | 3-4pm IST