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About Think Tank

In today’s rapidly evolving health sector, we at Elsevier have the best interests of our customers at heart. We aim to provide solutions that make our future doctors ready. To provide the best solutions we depend on educators and students to share insights from the market and critique of our academic solutions.

Why join “Think Tank”

For Faculty

  1. Networking: Participation in the think tank would allow you to connect with experts in your field, potentially leading to new collaborations, partnerships, or research opportunities with your peers or authors.

  2. Professional Development: This can provide you with valuable professional development opportunities, they can be a part of advisory groups, chapter contributors, or content contributors. 

For Students

  1. Hands-on experience: You get hands-on experience by reviewing a book that can complement your classroom learning and make you ready for future opportunities.

  2. Networking: Joining the think tank program will open networking opportunities within the think tank. This will open doors for you to learn or engage with experienced professionals.

  3. Resume building: Participating in such activities can enhance your resume demonstrating your research experience, analytical skills, and commitment to addressing the real-world issues. 


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Recently read an Elsevier book?

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